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Bergino Baseball Clubhouse
67 East 11 Street
The landmark Cast Iron Building, Greenwich Village NYC
212-226-7150 • bergino@aol.com

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Thank you to all those who sat in this seat for a Clubhouse Event in 2017 and -- through baseball -- brought us to laughter, tears, thought...

Tyrese Alleyne-Davis
Marty Appel
Jean Hastings Ardell
Ira Berkow
Hal Bock
Kevin Cook
Karen Duffy
Mark Feinsand
James Fiorentino
John Florio

Ed Henry
Jay Jaffe
Ron Kaplan
Rafi Kohan

Lee Lowenfish
Sridhar Pappu
John Positano
Rock Positano
Greg Prince
Richard Sandomir

Ouisie Shapiro
Tabitha Soren
Steve Steinberg

Denise Stillman
Dan Taylor

And, above all, thanks so much to everyone who walked through our door this year. Every day, you make this a Clubhouse.

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